1. The Club shall be called “The Edinburgh Northern Rugby Football Club”.

2. The objects for which the Club are constituted are to provide facilities and enable members to play the game of rugby football against organised opposition, and incidentally to encourage regular training among such members, and also encourage non-playing members to attain, maintain or retain a lively and practical interest in the game and in the Club in particular. Membership of the Club shall be open, without discrimination, to any person who has an interest in the game of rugby football, or an interest in Edinburgh Northern Rugby Football Club

3. Except in so far as hereinafter to be provided the whole business and affairs of the Club shall be under the management of the General Committee.
4. The General Committee shall be elected by the members of the Club in General Meeting and shall be subject to annual re-election, except in as much that the President, Vice-President, Head of Coaching, Captain, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Fixture Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Entertainments Committee Convenor and Bar Convenor, for the time being, shall be ex officio members with the proviso that the total membership of the General Committee shall at no time exceed 18 members. All officials of the Club shall be subject to annual re-election by them at the Annual General Meeting.

The President shall be elected annually but shall not be eligible for re-election after the third consecutive year in office. There shall be one Vice-President. Voting within the General Committee shall be by simple majority of those members present. In the event of a tie the President, or in the absence of the President, the Vice-President or such member who chairs the meeting, shall have a casting as well as a deliberative vote.
5. The General Committee shall hold regular periodical meetings at least once every ten weeks during the rugby season.
6. There shall be Five categories of membership as follows:

Full, Associate, Gents, Student and Temporary.

Full members shall have full voting rights and shall be eligible to hold all offices within the Club.

Associate members will have no voting rights and shall not be eligible to hold office. Associate members may attend General Meetings of the Club but may not participate therein. This category of membership shall be open to ladies who have a connection with the Club.

Visiting clubs shall be awarded Temporary membership on the day of their visit provided that the names are forwarded to the Hon. Secretary prior to the visit. Such Temporary members shall have no voting rights.
7. Applications for admission of new members shall be made by letter to the General Committee or by written intimation to one of the Club’s Secretaries, in which case the latter shall bring the new members’ names to the attention of the General Committee who shall have power to grant or refuse such applications.8. The number of members shall be regulated by the General Committee.
9. The names and addresses of persons proposed as members of the Club shall be displayed on the Club’s notice-board for a period of at least one week prior to their election by the General Committee.
10. An interval of at least two weeks shall elapse between the nomination of members and their election by the General Committee.
11. The Hon. President and Hon. Vice-President shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, providing written notice of nomination is given to the Hon. Secretary at least one month before the date of the meeting. Such nominations need not be restricted to Club members.

The Club has the power to institute Honorary Life Membership. Such membership is to be given with great discretion and to be bestowed only on members who have given outstanding service to the Club, provided written notice of nomination is given to the Hon. Secretary at least one month before the Annual General Meeting. Such membership being given only in recognition of this service, is to be considered the highest honour the Club can bestow. The General Committee shall have power to recommend to the Annual General Meeting the acceptance or otherwise of such nominations (but this does not include the power of veto) and in so doing will be guided by the interests of the Club.
12. The subscription of the Club for each season, payable on the 1st September each year, shall be as agreed from time to time at a General Meeting of the Club. Full members under 21, full time students and Associate members shall pay half the full subscription. Members under 18 shall pay no subscription.

For a payment of ten times the current subscription Full members can be relieved of subscriptions for life.
13. The Club shall be entitled to purchase or acquire heritable property subject to the approval of a majority of the Full members at a General Meeting. The Club may also incur capital expenditure on such property subject also to such expenditure being approved by a majority of the Full members at a General Meeting. The title to any such property acquired by or leased to the Club shall be taken in the names of the President,, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer for the time being as Trustees ex officio for the Club, and their respective successors in office. A certificate by the Hon. Secretary of the Club for the time being giving the names of such officials shall be sufficient identification of the holders of such offices.
14. The Committee shall have no power to borrow money for any purpose whatsoever, unless authorised at any General Meeting of the Club.
15. The Club shall be non-profit making, and any surplus income or gains shall be reinvested in the Club or in the game of rugby football. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Club may make donations to charity or to other clubs recognised by the Inland Revenue or its successor as Community Amateur Sports Clubs. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets remaining to the Club shall be handed over to the Scottish Rugby Union, with the proviso that such assets are to be used to promote the game of rugby football within the community.
16. No official of the Club or any member of the General Committee shall have any personal interest in the sale of excisable liquor within the Club premises or in the profits arising from such sale.
17. No excisable liquor shall be sold or supplied to any person being under the age of 18, whether a member of the Club or not, within the Club premises.
18. The hours during which alcoholic liquor may be sold in the Club shall be as specified in the current Licensing (Scotland) Act.
19. No visitor shall be supplied with excisable liquor in the Club premises unless on the invitation of and in the company of a member.

Upon the admission of any visitor to the Club premises or immediately on his being supplied with excisable liquor, the member who has invited him shall enter his own name and the name and address of the visitor and the date of the visit in a Visitors’ Book which shall be kept for such purposes. The maximum number of guests any member may sign into the Club on any one occasion shall be three.
20. No excisable liquor shall be sold or supplied in the Club premises for consumption off the premises except to a member of the Club in person, for consumption by them.
21. Every member shall be deemed to be acquainted with the Rules of the Club and it shall be the responsibility of every member individually to ensure compliance thereof.
22. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held during the Spring. The Hon. Secretary shall submit a report of the year’s work. The auditor shall be appointed, provided that he shall not be a member of any of the Committees of the Club, with the exception of the Selection Committee.

A General Meeting shall also be called during the Autumn to discuss business for the forthcoming season. The Hon. Treasurer shall have kept properly written up such books of account as may have been necessary to show all monies received, held or paid by the Club, shall submit a financial statement, duly audited, showing in detail the income and expenditure for the previous twelve months to the last day of April. The Hon. Secretary must give notice of all General Meetings of the Club at least six days before such Meeting.
23. A Special General Meeting of the Club must be called within eight days by the Hon. Secretary upon receipt of a requisition signed by one-third of the Full members of the Club. The General Committee may call such a Meeting at any time, subject to the period of notice before mentioned.
24. At all meetings of the Club a fourth shall form a quorum but in no case less than seven. All Full members of the Club who have paid their subscriptions shall be entitled to vote and the Chairman shall besides having a deliberative, have a casting vote. Where Full members are unable to attend a meeting votes may be cast by proxy, provided that written notice is given to the Hon. Secretary prior to the start of the meeting.
25. The Minutes of all General Meetings shall be taken by the Hon. Secretary and read or distributed at the following Meeting.
26. None of the foregoing rules shall be altered except at a General Meeting of the Club, and any members intending to propose any alterations in the Rules must give notice to the Hon. Secretary at least twenty-eight clear days before the Meeting, of such proposed alteration.
27. The Club shall consist of a minimum of 25 Full Members.
17 May 2010