Your weekly update has arrived!!

Featuring fat Americans, a please, a rant and as always, new and clever ways of hating the festival.

Enjoy :)
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Jason ThompsonI think there's only ever been one confirmed case of this Fringitis...

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Wilson CraigAny size guide for the kit?

2 weeks ago

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It's Monyay (circa Paul Holland)...

If you're reading this, you've survived the opening weekend of the Fringe and we've got a list if great things to do this week:

Why not join us tonight for a spot of social touch (6.45 pm), or alternatively, something a bit heavier (squad training) on Tuesday and Thursday (6.30 pm). All shapes and abilities welcome.

Failing that, then join our Rugby Force Day/recruitment pub crawl (11.00 am) on Saturday! Every little counts after all...

#festivalfun #whatfestival
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